Hyundai Santa Fe Dashboard Lights

Staying on top of regular maintenance and service is the best way to keep your vehicle running well for a long time. Even a dependable SUV like the Hyundai Santa Fe needs a technician from time to time. One way we're reminded of this is with dashboard lights. But what do they mean? How do you know what your SUV is trying to tell you?

Action Hyundai of Millville put together this Hyundai Santa Fe dashboard light guide to help drivers in Cape May County, Salem County, and Cumberland County find out.  

Warning Lights 

Your warning lights will come on when there is a malfunction or problem with your vehicle that needs immediate attention. Some of the most important warning lights are:


Air Bag Warning - This light looks like a person sitting down with a circle in front of them. It means that your air bag system is malfunctioning and can't be trusted to open during an accident.


Anti-Lock Brake System - The letters ABS inside a circle are a sign that your anti-lock brake system has malfunctioned. You can still stop safely with your regular brakes, but you should get this fixed right away.


Brake Warning Light - The more serious brake light says the word BRAKE with both an exclamation and the letter P above it. You'll see this when the parking brake is applied. If it's not engaged, then you have either a malfunction with the parking brake or you're low on brake fluid. Do not continue driving with low fluid or faulty brakes.


Electric Power Steering - A light that looks like your steering wheel next to an exclamation mark means that your power steering system won't be as responsive. It is not safe to continue driving while this system is malfunctioning.


Charging System - If you see a light that looks like your car battery, it means that there's a problem with either your electrical system or your alternator. You should stop and call for a tow right away since your vehicle could shut itself off while you're driving.


Engine Oil Pressure - When you're very low on oil or overdue for an oil change, you'll see a light that looks like an oil can. Continuing to drive with this light on can cause damage to your engine.


Low Tire Pressure - This light looks like an exclamation point that's underlined and inside some parentheses. If it comes on and stays solid, it means that one of your tires is low on air. If it blinks, that means your Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) has malfunctioned.


All Wheel Drive - An icon that looks like your vehicle's axles will light up if your all wheel drive system has malfunctioned.


Indicator Lights 

Indicator lights are there to let you know when a system or feature has been turned on. This includes some useful drivetrain features such as:

  • All Wheel Drive Lock - When you engage AWD LOCK mode you'll see a similar looking icon with the vehicle's axles on it. The difference with this light is that it features a small X in the middle and says the word LOCK on it.
  • Electronic Stability Control - A light that looks like a car on a winding road is tied to Electronic Stability Control. You'll usually see this turn itself on when you drive on slippery roads that require more traction.
  • Downhill Brake Control - On your way down a steep road you might see a logo that looks like your SUV driving at an angle. This is your Downhill Brake Control letting you know that it's turned on to help you get down safely.

Action Hyundai Service Center

At Action Hyundai of Millville, we have a team of highly trained technicians in our service center, ready to help drivers in Cape May County, Salem County, and Cumberland County with these issues and many more.

Contact us to learn more about this Hyundai Santa Fe dashboard light guide, or schedule service online if you've noticed any dashboard warning lights on.


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