Hyundai Accent Maintenance Schedule


If you own a Hyundai Accent, you may be wondering how to keep it in top condition for many years to come. The best way to ensure that your car will remain safe, efficient, and performing properly is to have it serviced by a reputable mechanic on a periodic basis and when you suspect something may be wrong.

This Hyundai Accent Maintenance Schedule will take the guesswork out of determining when you should have your car serviced by giving you some clear guidelines and tips. Our service team at Action Hyundai of Millville has over 85 years of ASE and Hyundai-certified training, so you can always trust us with your vehicle.

Periodically Scheduled Checkups

In order to keep your Accent running in tip-top condition, you'll want to follow Hyundai's service guidelines for regularly scheduled service, even when you do not think there is anything wrong with your vehicle. Here is a breakdown of when you should have inspections performed.

Every 7,500 Miles:

  • At this appointment, your car's battery should be inspected for any problems, so you never get stuck with an engine that won't start and needs to be jumped.
  • You should also have your oil and oil filter changed in order keep your engine running clean and strong.
  • A tire rotation will make sure that your tires wear evenly over time, which helps them last longer, saving you money in the long run.

Every 15,000 Miles:

  • This appointment should be even more thorough, inspecting the driveshaft, exhaust pipe, muffler, and brake pads to be sure they're all clean and functioning properly.
  • Have the gear box examined and inspect the suspension mounting bolts to ensure that the car's drive remains smooth and comfortable.
  • As with the 7,500-mile inspection, more basic services should be rendered, such as an oil change and tire rotation.

Every 30,000 Miles:

  • After driving your car for 30,000 miles, it'll need an exhaustive inspection in order to prevent any problems from arising. This inspection will include all bases covered in the 15,000-mile inspection plus some extras.
  • Brake fluid should be inspected so your car continues to brake to the best of its ability. If brake fluid is dark and dirty, it should be replaced.
  • The fuel filters and fuel lines should all be inspected for proper functionality so you continue to get the best fuel efficiency out of your vehicle.
  • The parking brake and air conditioner should be inspected for proper functionality.

Hyundai Accent Maintenance: Extra Service When Needed

These regularly scheduled Hyundai Accent maintenance appointments should assure that your vehicle stays in pristine condition, but it's still important to pay attention for signs of trouble.

Check your oil periodically to make sure it is clean and full, and never ignore a check engine warning light or strange sounds coming from your vehicle. If you suspect any issues, always have your car checked by a professional to avoid future damage.

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