It's important to know what your vehicle is telling you when a warning light illuminates on your dashboard. Some may require immediate attention.

At Action Hyundai Millville, we want to look out for drivers in Cape May, Salem, and Cumberland counties. So, we offer this brief dashboard light guide for the Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid. Your owner's manual is a good reference for any lights not mentioned below.

The Most Serious Warning Lights

On the Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid, here are some of the most serious warning lights:


Engine With the word CHECK in the middle: the computer has found a problem and it needs to be addressed by a technician. If this light is flashing, pull over as quickly as possible and do not keep driving the car.



Car Battery: your car is not receiving enough voltage. A technician needs to diagnose the problem.




Thermometer in Water OR Thermometer in the middle of a gear symbol: these are temperature issues. The first indicates your car is overheating. The second indicates your transmission fluid is overheating. Both problems require service.



Oil Can: your engine's oil pressure is dropping. Do not keep driving the car. You need to check for an oil leak immediately.



Exclamation Point on Top of Tire Treads: one of your tires has significantly reduced air pressure. Make sure to inflate the tire or see a service technician.



Exclamation Point in a circle with the word BRAKE: either your parking brake is still on, or you have an issue with your braking system.



Engine with an arrow pointing downward: this means the engine output has been reduced by the vehicle's computer. A technician will need to examine the car and run a diagnostic on the onboard CPU.


Some Other Dashboard Lights

  • Gas Cap on the Side of the Car: your gas cap is loose. Be warned that your check engine light may come on when this light is activated.
  • Speedometer: your cruise control has been set.
  • Light Bulb: you have a headlight or tail light that is out.
  • Windshield with Water Sprinkling Up: this light tells you that your windshield wiper fluid level is low.
  • Car with Two Doors Open: one of the car doors on the vehicle is not closed properly.
  • Car on Top of a Key: there is a problem with your security system and the ignition is now locked. In order to start the car, you will need to enter your alarm code.
  • Triangle Warnings: if you see a triangle with a car in the middle and two squiggly lines, it means your Electronic Traction Control system has been activated. If you see a triangle with an exclamation point, there is a problem with either your stability or traction system. Take the car to an authorized technician.

If You Need to Get Your Car Repaired

Action Hyundai Millville knows how important a simple dashboard light can be. For drivers in Cape County, Salem, or Cumberland counties, we offer a full-service area where our certified technicians are masters at diagnosing problems. We can tell you why a light popped up, fix the problem, and get you back on the road in no time.

If you need help with a dashboard light, call our service department. We're ready and willing to help!

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