Hyundai Tucson Dashboard Lights

Transitioning to a new, modern ride can come with a bit of a learning curve. To help our new Tucson owners take on their travels around Cape May County, Cumberland County, and Salem County with confidence, Action Hyundai of Millville has put together the following Hyundai Tucson dashboard light guide.

Keep reading to learn about the Hyundai Tucson's dashboard lights. Whether you're trying to get to the bottom of an unknown symbol or just want to get more acquainted with the systems onboard, you'll be well-informed for the journey ahead.

Hyundai Tucson Warning Lights


Airbag Warning Light: If you see a symbol that depicts a seated passenger and a solid circle, it could mean that there's a malfunction with your Tucson's airbags. If this occurs, your airbags may not deploy properly during a collision, so this requires the attention of a certified Hyundai technician.


ABS Warning Light: If the letters ABS inside a circle light up, it could indicate a problem with your vehicle's anti-lock braking system, a safety mechanism that allows you to maintain steering control under heavy braking. 


All-Wheel Drive (AWD) Warning Light: This light looks like the axle of a vehicle with four tires and corresponding connection points. If you see it light up, there may be a problem with your Tucson's AWD system.


Brake Warning Lights: If you see an exclamation point inside a circle (!), P inside a circle (P), or the word BRAKE in all capital letters, first check whether your parking brake is disengaged before driving. If it is, your crossover could be low on brake fluid, so check for leaks and take it to an authorized Hyundai dealer for an inspection and diagnosis.


Charging System Warning Light: If you see a symbol in the shape of a rectangular car battery on your Tucson's dashboard, there's an issue with the electrical charging system (i.e., the alternator or the battery). Begin troubleshooting by unplugging any auxiliary electronics that could be drawing excess power, and be sure to visit a service center to be sure that the problem is corrected.


Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light: An oil can symbol indicates inadequate oil pressure in the engine or a number of other issues with your oil. Pull over and check the oil, replacing lost oil if necessary. If this doesn't correct the problem, visit a service center to be sure that your engine's oil functions as it should.


Low Tire Pressure Warning Light: Your Tucson's tire pressure monitoring system keeps an eye on the air pressure in all four tires. If the pressure drops down below the recommended levels, you may see an exclamation point inside a tire shape (_!_). Always verify the pressure in each tire with a manual gauge prior to refilling.


Malfunction Indicator: The malfunction indicator looks like the rough outline of an engine. When this light comes on, it could indicate anything from a loose fuel cap to a problem with the emissions system, so be sure to have your vehicle inspected by a Hyundai technician.

Special System Dashboard Lights in the Tucson

Downhill Brake Control Indicator: If you see a symbol that depicts a car on a downward slope, it means the downhill brake controller indicator is active.

Electronic Stability Control Indicator: The rear end of a car driving off with wavy tread lines indicates that the Electronic Stability Control system is engaged. When you see the same symbol with the word OFF beneath it, the system has been turned off.

Lane Departure Warning System Indicator: A car positioned at the center of two dotted lines means your Lane Departure Warning system is currently active.

Explore Hyundai Tucson Dashboard Lights 

Now that you've gotten to know a bit more about the systems at play with our Hyundai Tucson dashboard light guide, it's time to visit Action Hyundai of Millville! If you see one of these lights on your dashboard, it's crucial that you get it taken care of in a timely manner for the safety of you and your passengers, as well as the others on the road.

Tucson owners in Cape May County, Salem County, or Cumberland County can bring their vehicles to our onsite service center. Trained by the pro technicians and engineers behind the Hyundai brand, our expert technicians speak your Hyundai's language fluently and will be sure to resolve issues quickly and correctly. Call or visit us today to schedule your service appointment!


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