Regular oil changes are an easy way to maintain your vehicle's performance, power, and fuel economy. However, some drivers in Cape May County, Salem County, and Cumberland County fall behind on their vehicle's oil change schedule, which leads to serious engine problems down the road.

Luckily, the service center at Action Hyundai of Millville provides quick, convenient oil changes to keep your vehicle running like new. Our oil changes only take a few minutes and benefit your vehicle in several ways. Reach out to us to schedule an oil change today!


Here's what you should know about oil changes before scheduling one with us.

What Motor Oil Does for Your Car

If an engine is a vehicle's heart, its motor oil is the blood. Fresh, clean oil prevents heat and corrosion from building up inside your engine and is key to maintaining your vehicle's health.

Oil lubricates your engine's moving parts, cylinders, piston rings, and rod bearings. But unfortunately, oil loses its effectiveness over time. Exposure to heat, moisture, and air transforms oil into a slick, corrosive sludge contaminated with rust and debris.

Missing an Oil Change

Old, worn-out oil does more harm than good to your engine and contributes to wear and tear buildup. In fact, going long periods without an oil change can cause your engine to lock up, overheat, or breakdown.

To prevent this, every vehicle needs its oil changed at manufacturer-mandated intervals-typically every three months or 3,000 miles. Your owner's manual has a schedule specific for your vehicle, but this is a good rule of thumb.

Signs That You Need an Oil Change

If you miss an oil change, your vehicle demonstrates several symptoms. Here are five common ones:

1. Thick, Dark, and Dirty Oil

Clean motor oil is amber in color; dirty oil turns brown or black. To keep track of oil quality, check its color monthly using the dipstick.

2. Your Engine Makes a Loud Knocking Noise

Oil prevents the engine's metal parts from scraping together. When oil is worn down, these components rub together and make knocking, rumbling noises.  Anytime you hear abnormal operating noises, schedule an oil change immediately.

3. Check Engine Light or Oil Change Light Appears

Your vehicle's check engine dashboard light appears when the oil level is depleted. At this point, your engine is at risk of significant damage. Get your oil changed immediately.

4. You Notice Exhaust Smoke

If your vehicle's tailpipe emits blue exhaust, there could be an oil leak or faulty parts in your engine. Have a professional diagnose the problem, repair your engine, and change your oil.

5. Your Cabin Smells Like Oil

Did you catch a whiff of oil inside your cabin? This is a warning sign you mustn't ignore. An oily smell could indicate an oil leak, an overheated engine, or oil burning in the exhaust area. These are dangerous problems that only a professional can handle.


Oil Changes at Action Hyundai of Millville

When your vehicle needs fresh oil, schedule an oil change today. Our technicians deliver quick, convenient oil changes so you can get back on the road in no time.  

Schedule an oil change with us online or stop by our service center. For immediate assistance, call our service center today.

Action Hyundai of Millville proudly serves Cape May County, Cumberland County, and Salem County and is committed to your satisfaction.


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