If you suspect that your Hyundai has transmission issues, you want to get help from a certified Hyundai dealer with transmission specialists on staff-and fast. Cape May County, Cumberland County, and Salem County Hyundai owners luckily have Action Hyundai of Millville's service center close by when asking themselves, Where can I find transmission services near me?

We offer a complete range of services for your Hyundai transmission, performed by factory-trained and industry-certified technicians who are well versed in the intricacies of fixing this tricky yet essential piece of equipment.

How to Spot Hyundai Transmission Problems Sooner

Like many vehicle problems, transmission issues are less likely to cause greater damage when you nip them in the bud. We're watching out for our drivers' safety on the roads and their wallets because the longer the transmission problem persists, the higher the cost is to remedy it.

If your Sonata, Elantra, or Santa Fe Sport experiences any of the following symptoms, contact Action Hyundai of Millville as soon as possible for an appointment:

  • Shifty Behavior: One of the most obvious signs that your transmission needs attention is when your vehicle refuses to apply the same gear you do at the gearbox.
  • Mechanical Noises: If you hear new noises when your Hyundai transitions into another gear (typically clunks, squealing, or grinding), get your transmission checked.
  • Loss of Power: How your vehicle feels when you put your foot on the gas should remain the same. If you find that you need to apply more pressure to achieve the same acceleration, your transmission is likely a part of the problem.  
  • Burning Odor: Your Hyundai's transmission relies on a special fluid to keep cool and ensure smooth gear operation. A burning odor could be sign that your transmission is overheating. Even if it's not your transmission, you want to make sure that you get help immediately!

Schedule a Transmission Checkup with Action Hyundai Today

If you're dealing with any of the transmission red flags listed above or suspect that something's gone awry with your Hyundai transmission, don't hesitate to get in touch with Action Hyundai of Millville's expert technicians.

We're here to serve you! Call us or request service online today. 

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