Why Is My Car Burning Oil?

If you've been driving around Cape May County, Salem County, or Cumberland County, New Jersey, and have noticed that your car is burning oil, it may be time to schedule your vehicle for service sooner rather than later. At Action Hyundai of Millville, we're equipped to service all your car's needs. We can also help you determine why your car is burning oil.

Your Car's Oil

The oil in your car's engine acts as a lubricant for the pistons, cylinder walls, crankshafts, and connecting rods. These parts are essential to your vehicle's performance and the oil that keeps them functioning. Routine checks of your car's oil level combined with oil changes will ensure your vehicle continues to run smoothly and efficiently.

Over time, these parts begin to wear, causing the oil to leak into the combustion chamber and the oil to burn. You'll know when your car is burning oil as you'll notice signs such as a burning odor, blue-colored exhaust coming from the tailpipe, or a decrease in your car's performance. Another warning sign can come from a change in your vehicle's fuel economy.

Though it's quite normal for your vehicle to burn oil, too much burning may be a signal that your car needs attention. If your car is burning oil, the first place your service technician should check is under the hood to assess if certain parts such as the piston rings are worn.


When to Service Your Vehicle

Your oil is a key indicator of your engine's health and can be simple to maintain. Your car's oil should be changed at least every 5,000 to 7,000 miles, and the oil level in your vehicle should be checked at least once every two weeks. If you notice that your car is burning oil, it's best to make a service appointment and have a professional assess the situation.

 It's also a good idea to check your vehicle's oil level before embarking on a long drive. So, the next time you head out for a road trip, and you make that pit stop for gas and snacks, pop the hood and look at the oil dip stick to make sure your vehicle has enough oil.

Your Vehicle Maintenance

Being proactive with routine maintenance is essential to ensuring the longevity of your vehicle. Basic maintenance includes checking and replacing parts like spark plugs, wires, and fluids. When you plan and schedule maintenance services, you'll be setting yourself up for success and will avoid missing those important services on your vehicle.

Let Us Change Your Oil

At Action Hyundai of Millville, our team of certified technicians is available to service your vehicle. In fact, oil changes are at the top of our list of favorites when it comes to the services we offer. It's a service that every vehicle needs-and quite often. That's why drivers near Cape May County, Salem County, and Cumberland County, NJ, trust us with all their vehicle servicing needs, especially oil changes.

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